Causes of anxiety attacks and Treatment

We are living in a constantly changing environment where uncertainties looming large. The uncertainties emanate anxieties and causes of anxiety attacks can be many. We all fear and fret to some extent. Anxiety is natural human phenomenon. But if it exceeds to the normal level, it is dangerous. You may have tough examination; first interview, new job all causes bubbles in the stomach. We mostly feel jittery in asking for some favor. Imminent down sizing in our organization worries us and tighten our muscle. Alarm bell of unpleasant ending of something upsets us. Experiences such as disappointment in business, in love, bereavement, disagreement within family, fail to attain ambition connect feeling to the emotion and take it toll. We mostly feel unexplained discomfort but we do not recognize who is the real culprit? It is none but an anxiety syndrome.
Anxiety is uncomfortable feeling about something happening or likely to be happening. Anxiety is also a feeling of doubt, insecurity and apprehension coupled with fear about immediate future. Anxiety is the body’s natural response to hazard that goes off when we feel threatened. If anxiety persists for a longer period or cross normal ambit, it may cause serious health problems.
Mostly people worrying not based on facts but on wrong assumption. These non specific worries create complexities which lead to real health issues.
Unfortunately people are not savvy about anxiety attacks and take it lightly as people don’t think it is debilitating until the diseases aggravated and take a grip. That dents a grim impact on daily routine and mars ability to cope with the problems.

Anxiety Attack disorders are categorized as under:

 Generalized anxiety disorders
 Social anxiety disorders
 Panic disorders
 Phobias
 Traumatic stress
 Separation anxiety disorders etc

Common Symptoms of Anxiety:

Common symptoms of anxiety are muscles get tensed, splitting headache, trembling, indigestion without any cause, nausea, diarrhea, frequent urination, numbness, restlessness, irritating and agitating etc.

Causes of anxiety Attacks:

It is better to not let anxiety to prolong. It is also better to race for cure but it is vital to run for the causes.

Environmental problems, job problems, medical factors, substance abuse, genetic are some common causes.

Let us have more elaboration on these causes:

Environmental shock

It is largely believed that individuals’ behavior is a function of external consequences which if it is frightening trigger stress in lives. This includes natural disaster, man made calamity, environmental pollution, traffic rush, insecurity, victimization, death of loved one, inflation and bad economic situation etc. A blast in a busy street killing several people caused a person to not come out from home because of fear of similar happening again in which he sees himself a target. This imaginary death is outcome of environmental shock preventing him to go out and enjoy normal life. Consequently this triggers anxiety and if it prolongs, it has a very devastating effect on his health and life.

Job Problems

This also comes under the environmental factor but explained separately because of the magnitude of the problems and its severe impact on health. If your work environment is not conducive, work at hand is not matching your skill, you have great ideas but they are suspected and opposed without any other reason except it is emanated from you and is not common. Despite your work is outstanding, yet you are rated as average performers. Your dream tatter but you can’t leave as there is great recession in job market. This will burn out you and slowly turn your aversion into anxiety.


In this era of meritocracy, one has to face stiff competition in every walk of life. If enthusiasm to win is based on positive mindset; it culminates in growth and improvement. But if it is burdened with jealously, it will have daunting effect on health of the person who embedded it with negative sentiment. Such people never see happiness and hurting themselves all the times and ultimately embrace anxiety attacks disorder.


Urban life is devoid of simplicity and more complex. It offers a level of convenience and curse as well. It is also enumerated as a potential cause of anxiety as people living in rural areas have comparatively less stresses, being living a pastoral simple life.

Medical factors

Anxiety is also linked with medical issues organic and non organic functional diseases. This includes, stress from grave illnesses, adverse sides effects of medication, pulmonary embolism blood clot etc. The functional diseases cause no structural change in tissues of the body but affect change in nervous control of certain organs. Functional diseases may develop into organic diseases if emotional upset is not short lived and treated timely.

Substance abuse

People pay greater price for this unhealthy comfort. It is taken as evasion and escape to worries. It is a retaliatory effort to calm down problems and ease the anxiety. But it produces more anxiety and affects the nervous system. It influences the person’s attitude; make him less aware of his problems and less faces the realities of the life. More lethally, it pushes him into death trap where reverse is almost impossible.


A genetic disorder is an illness of genes or chromosomes abnormalities. Family history may also play a role in developing anxiety in a person in combination with lifestyle and environmental factors.

It can be a big factor contributing in anxiety for you and the best way is to learn
how to fight loneliness

It is absolutely harmless if there is a little controllable anxiety. It is part of normal life’s bumps and spills. But if it prolongs, it is essential to nip anxiety in the bud and get it. It should always be remembered that “Care is Cure” and the first step to cure is to know the causes of anxiety. The best way is to take the problems is head on. There is no escape. Life is not always smooth. It has many turns. Every problem has solution. If there is no solution to problem then it is not a problem but reality of life, which we need to accept and live with.

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