Anxiety Attacks Treatment

Anxiety is a part of us human’s daily life in this modern era and we all, to some extent experience it. But the real thing to find out is how to deal with anxiety and what are easy and effective anxiety attacks treatments. Let’s first see how a person feels in an anxiety attack:

Sara, 19 sat numb in the examination hall. The clock was ticking fast and so was her heart. She was sweating in spite of air condition running full. Her hands were trembling and she didn’t know what to do. Today was her Biology examination – a tough exam for which she had studied hard for years. Yet, anxiety took control of her and she sat frozen. Her friends looked at her, understanding she was worried but they didn’t quite understand what was going inside her. She looked pale and lifeless.

Sara was experiencing an anxiety attack. It is a strong sensation which occurs when we are under stressful situations. Most of us go through such feelings before examinations, business meetings and presentations, interviews and even weddings, but the question which puzzles most of us is- “what is an anxiety attack?” and what is anxiety attacks treatment?

An anxiety attack can be described as an attack of fear, terror or stress. It is intense stress that prevents you from being relaxed and calm. An anxiety attack can hit you any time. It usually happens when a person has been thinking excessively about one particular task and starts panicking.

A very common situation where most of us become targets of anxiety attacks is while appearing for an interview. We feel as if our mind’s gone blank when sitting in front of panellists answering questions; no matter how cool we play it. To be honest, being concerned about how your interview goes isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s normal, but what isn’t ok is, if you allow this concern/tension to interfere with your performance. That’s when an anxiety attack is happening.

This strong jumpy sensation is usually accompanied by pounding heart, butterflies in stomach, trembling hands, sweating, tingly skin feelings, irrational thoughts and panic. Shaking feet constantly, mouth dryness or fiddling with our fingers are some of the most commonly seen signs of an anxiety attack. It reaches its peak with in 5-10 minutes and usually last for a good 30 minutes. Most people feel it very similar to having a heart attack.

Tension isn’t always bad though constant tension is a signal of an anxiety attack. Tensions have their good effects too. Feeling agitated or rather concerned about something actually makes us more vigilant, alert and allows us to act on the spur of moment. It reminds and motivates us to focus on finding solutions for the problems.

Generally people who are depressed become victims of an anxiety attack, but every malady has a remedy. You can either help yourself to be cured from anxiety attacks or seek professional medical treatments.

Not that every time you are worried, you are experiencing an anxiety attack. People who do not follow a healthy life style are prone to feeling tensed often. Sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, over worked, not finding ample time to spend with loved ones and relaxing can leave you exhausted and feeling drained.

Following are the ways you can evaluate yourself lifestyle and prevent an anxiety attack through self help anxiety attacks treatment:

• Every day take time out for entertainment and fun. Spend time with your family and friends. At least spend 15 – 30 minutes relaxing, taking a nap or reading a book. Saba, 30 an employee of National Bank of Pakistan recalls listening to music before her big interview. “It helped me relax and calm down”, she said.

• In case you have a problem that’s affecting you emotionally, seek help. It’s alright to ask for help either from a friend, family member or a professional assistance would do well too. For example chatting with a friend before exams helps take your mind off the test paper.

• Take care of your body. Eating fruits and vegetables would do your body and mind wonders and would keep you fit. Taking hot or cold water baths relaxes many people around the world. Indulge yourself into one, if feeling low and stressful.

• Sharing work loads at work and home will help you from feeling exhausted. You can delegate work to your colleagues or simply learn to say “no” from running strainful errands at home if it exerts you physically and mentally.

• Add humour to life. You will live once only so what’s the point of fretting your precious time over petty issues. Laugh heartily at least once a day and it will make life a lot easier. A friend once said to me, “I make sure to have a good laugh at least once every day. It helps me focus better on bigger and important things.”

• When feeling nervous or stressed, try looking at the positive side of things. Every thing that happens has a positive and negative angle. The key is to focus on the happier side than the sadder and you’ll save your self from anxiety.

When the self hep methods fail to help you, it’s time that you seek professional help. You can start by visiting your general physician who will do a complete medical check up to look if your condition hasn’t been caused by an illness such as thyroid problem or asthma. He would also want to know if you’re on any medicines or supplements as some of them are said to have a prominent influence on the state of your mind.

In case, the medical help fails you, the third option to cure your anxiety attacks would be to visit a therapist. Your therapist will diagnose the cause of your anxiety attacks and would devise a course of anxiety attacks treatment.

Remember, to be anxious is good but letting it ruin your life isn’t. Worry is like rust which will corrode your life. So don’t take stress and live your life happily.

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