Cure Anxiety Attacks - Ones Costing You Life

Life will be easier after reading this post, if you are struggling with anxiety:
It is non debatable that the modern way of life causes personal stresses and anxieties not conceivable in previous decades. Stressful living combined with tendency of moral laxness produce anxieties. Obviously a person cannot escape anxieties. All life great achievements require dealing with stress in one form or the other. There is no single remedy or cure of these maladies which we can term as ideal or mainstream treatment. However, the real solution to the problem centers in development of appropriate thought patterns and wholesome attitudes. Now let us discuss options to cure anxiety attacks.

Paper Bag Re-breathing

During onslaught of anxiety, people start breathing too fast. This is natural and normal response to fright. This causes exhaling of lot of carbon dioxide. Sudden loss of carbon dioxide in the body causes the symptom of anxiety. So doctor takes a paper sack and hold it tightly over the patient face who breathe into it for few minutes and save losing the gas. Patients are taught to do the same by themselves whenever they face such dilemma. However this technique lowers the oxygen level in the bloodstream and not popularly used.


Medication can relieve some symptoms of the diseases but it is not provided permanent cure. Moreover, it side effects are severe and lead addiction. Medication is available across the counter drugs and prescription drugs. Most of these medications relieve the symptom for a while. It produces drowsiness. It causes feeling of well being but build up tolerance to have more doses.

So, it is highly imperative to decide whether medication is right option by weighing pros and cons and doing good researched and seeking expert advice.

Natural Medicinal Therapy

Natural medicinal therapy is available with big bang claiming of subduing symptoms of anxieties. This is conventional method of curing without backing any authentic clinical scientific research.

Self Help Cure Strategy

It is necessary to adopt positive healthy lifestyle. This would reduce anxiety level substantially by confronting wrong beliefs, cynic attitudes and rigid lines of thought that spark and sustain worries.

Be upfront and accept the situation

Take the difficulties as opportunities. Be remembering that hurdles build muscle. Difficulties improve the experience to deal with them. This would enhance your skill to survive in weird situation. Once you kick off resolving the problem, anxiety would automatically de-escalate.

Positive Affirmation

Running away from the problems complicate the situation. It is none but you who can handle your difficulties. Your consent is must. You can do it. If you make up your mind, you find a clear street in a blind maze. This will allay your anxiety level to a quite manageable proportion.

Share your problem

It is essential to share your problems only your most trusted person. This will provide a lid to take out emotion which was boiling inside. This will lighten you up and open a vista for exploring more avenues to settle in better situation. However, be careful, problems should not be shared with all and sundry, as most of them do not care and rest would be glad that you have the same. This would aggravate your illness. So believe in a person who desires your development and well being. As soon as you come out of quagmire, your anxiety level will start melting down.


Anxiety cure lies in relaxation. Anxiety is just a feeling and reaction to a perceived threat. It pounds your heart, accelerate your breathe, make your muscle tense etc. As it is difficult to be anxious and relaxed at the same time, relaxation techniques can bring back your heart, breathe and muscle to normal level of functioning.


A physically fit person less susceptible to disease as he devotes time to exercise enabling him removes clutter of worries. Exercise further improves mental efficiency and increases the blood circulation that benefits other organs of the body. It enhances the body endurance and promotes a feeling of zest and well being necessary to curb anxieties and carry out successful undertakings. And if you are over weight you should learn how to lose weight to over come anxiety.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Anxiety holds a firm grip on muscle, making it tense. Progressive muscle relaxation softens the muscle tension and relaxes the body. This gives you timeout to distract from worries.

Deep Breathing
Deep breathing helps calming down. This relaxes you and reverses the symptom of anxiety. However, it is important to learn this exercise properly. Sometime people breathe in a wrong way using chest and shoulders causing short and shallow breaths, which in return increases more stress and anxiety. Right way of breathing is:
While sitting in a comfortable position, your back straight and release the tension in your shoulders. Let them drop. Close your eyes. Place one hand on stomach and other on chest. Take a few normal breathe letting your belly rise and fall. If your belly stays and chest rises and falls, it is wrong. Continue to take deep breaths, focusing on only moving belly.

Meditation evokes beneficial changes in the body. This improves spiritual peace in meeting the challenges and repulses anxiety attacks.

It is always best to use less aggressive method to treat the diseases as far as possible. It is equally important to handle the problem at once and not allow it to fester and magnify to the extent that it becomes difficult to manage. One must learn to believe in himself and learn to adapt plan fit with the given circumstances.
But if anxiety goes out of control, take the expert advice from the medical professionals. Healthy life pattern is the best cure of anxiety attacks.

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